Who hasn’t imagined holidaying on a yacht? From breathtaking seascapes to cocktails at sunset, it’s a glamorous lifestyle that appeals to everyone. At Yachting Scotland, we believe the Scottish coastline is the best in the world — whether you’re adventure sailing or enjoying a day trip. But if a holiday sailing in Scotland appeals, here are some surprising facts you need to know about a skippered yacht charter.

1. No experience required

That’s right. You don’t need to know your boom from your forestay to enjoy an incredible sailing holiday. Once you’ve learned some essential safety tips, you’re free to kick back and enjoy the view.

2. Or you can refresh your knowledge

On the other hand, if you do have sailing experience but it’s a little rusty, a skippered yacht charter is the ideal way to brush up on your skills. Playing first mate to an experienced skipper is a fantastic experience for any keen sailor.

3. You’ll experience life as a local

So you’re used to holidaying in hotels, away from the local culture. Your skipper has the local insights and knowledge you need to live life like a local, right down to understanding the winds and weather patterns.

4. You’ll discover the best destinations

And that local knowledge means you’ll discover all the best destinations, from secluded coves and fantastic beaches to unique islands and rugged coastlines. And your skipper knows all the best whisky distilleries, too, for a holiday you’ll never forget.

5. Working with the skipper you can tailor the trip to you.

Choosing to optimize your holiday taking into account the wind weather and tide and all the top spots to see, you and your skipper can come up with a passage plan for the week.



6. The skipper won’t do the dishes

Everyone as a key part of the crew, that means from keeping a good lookout, trimming sail, steering the boat to doing the dishes and tidying the decks is everyone’s responsibility. We all chip in to keep the boat ship shape to enjoy a great days sailing.

7. What happens on your yacht stays on the yacht

You might not be sailing to Vegas, but the same rules apply. What happens on your yacht stays on the yacht. You can count on your skipper to be the soul of discretion and to respect your privacy. Of course, he’ll communicate with you only as much as you want. Still, guests usually develop a great relationship with their skipper and request them for subsequent charters. We pride ourselves in building good crews and strong friendships.

8. It’s surprisingly easy to charter a skippered yacht

How easy and cost-effective it can be to charter a skippered yacht might surprise you. For example, we offer planned cruises or private hire, all with marina fees, food and fuel included in the cost. To hire our yacht and a skipper, with all of the above payed for usually turns out cheaper than chartering without a skipper.

9. A skippered yacht isn’t for life

Unfortunately, your skippered yacht has to return to the marina at the end of every trip. But you can keep returning to enjoy yacht life for a day, a long weekend or a week. Enjoy a family day sailing in Scotland’s beautiful sailing grounds, or get adventurous and head out for a day’s watersports. We even offer unique trips, including yoga cruises and whale watching, to make the most of your skippered yacht experience.

10. You’ll make the most of every moment

It’s hardly surprising to learn that a skippered yacht charter lets you make the most of every moment. From hitting the local surf break to a whisky tour or spotting the local dolphins, you can kick back and enjoy beautiful sailing in Scotland completely stress-free.
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