What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

Cancellation by you:

ABooked dates are final. It may not be possible to change dates once you have booked. You may cancel your course at any time. Written notification via email must be given.

You can change the name in the booking free of charge, just send us an email to arrange a name change. 

Cancellation will be effective on the day notification is received. Cancellation charges are as follows:

Cancellation > 8 weeks prior to start of course will incur a fee of £50;

Cancellation 8-4 weeks will incur a fee of 50% of total;

Cancellation 4-2 weeks will incur a fee of 75% of total;

Cancellation 2 weeks or less: will incur a fee of 100% of total.

Cancellations will be made to the card or to the bank account the booking was made from.

It is recommended that customers take out their own travel / cancellation insurance to protect them if they do need to make a late cancellation.

Cancellation by us:

Courses will sometimes be cancelled due to lack of bookings. Minimum numbers onboard are necessary to make the business financially viable.  When this is looking likely we will try and let you know with a month to go with a final decision being made at least 1 week before the start of the course. In this situation, alternative dates are offered first and then credit which can be spent on any of our offerings. If rescheduling or credit can’t be agreed a full refund will be offered.

If your booking is cancelled we will not be liable for any other costs or losses of any nature to you other than to refund the price of the course.


Sailing in a sport, all be it quite relaxing it is often very exciting too. A basic level of fitness will be required. By booking you agree to say you are fit enough to be involved in light sporting activities and can swim (we have never had someone fall in the water). Everyone on board will be expected to participate in the running of the boat, tuition will be given for this. Please know that we work with people’s strengths and help with their weaknesses. We sail with all abilities but it is important to let us know if you have any special needs or doubts in abilities so we can be prepared to adapt to your needs or advise you to another cruise more suitable for you. 

If the skipper deems it unsafe for yourself or others to be on board you may be asked to leave the yacht. No refund will be given.

Seasickness or not being able to be at sea.

We understand people get seasick, it’s rare, but it does happen.

If you struggle with it we will strive to help you get passed a bout of seasickness. We have many sailing miles and years of experience helping people recover from it at sea or by nipping into a harbour. Most people get passed it.

If we are unable to help or you can’t continue sailing, or the skipper sees it as unsafe for you to be on board we will have to drop you off at the closest convenient transport link to make your way home. This will be up to you to organise and pay for. No refund will be issued.

As above, most people get passed it and we haven’t yet had to resort to getting into port for someone to get themselves home.

Weather and safety. 

Sailing is dependent on fair weather conditions as going out into high winds and huge seas will not be undertaken.

The ultimate decision to go is up to the yacht skipper and won’t be influenced by what other yachts decides to do, crew disappointment or commercial reputation.

In the event a yacht can’t sail or undertake the intended passage we have suitable fantastic alternatives destinations to visit given the weather at the time.

No compensation will be given if the yacht doesn’t stick to the advertised plan due to poor weather as that would ‘compete’ Safety against Commercialisation where crew and yacht safety is our highest priority.

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