If you’re after something different (and totally unforgettable) for your next family getaway, a sailing holiday offers a chance to experience life on the water and travel through incredible landscapes you wouldn’t see any other way. Whether you are a group of adrenaline junkies or want to take your sightseeing to the next level, here’s why it’s time you considered adventure sailing.


Unique experiences

Feel like you do the same thing every year? Not this time. Taking to the water is a holiday like no other, bringing a totally new perspective on your destination and letting you visit remote locations miles from the tourist-beaten track. A yacht charter is an especially good way to tick some of the trickier experiences off your bucket list, since the experienced team have everything planned out already, and the logistics of the matter are all taken care of.

For example, if you’ve bagged every peak you can reach by road, sail with us to the wild isles of Skye, Arran or Jura, and take on famously craggy and breathtakingly beautiful summits like Goatfell and the Cuilin Hills. Our mountain guide will show you the way and share with you the rich history of these remote playgrounds, and when you’re done, your accommodation awaits you back on board. It couldn’t be easier.


Have it your way

A yacht charter lets you completely customise your experience. With many providers, you can choose where you set off from, where you sail to and what you do when you get there – your imagination is the limit.

At Yachting Scotland, we offer trips to suit every taste. If you’re a family of adventurers, the west coast of Scotland will be your paradise, and we make the most of all of it. Explore the World Heritage Site of St Kilda, uninhabited since its evacuation in 1930, to see rare seabirds and signs of settlement dating back to the 4th millennium BC. Or, join us on a sailing climbing trip to test your head for heights in the safe hands of an expert guide, and be rewarded with views for miles over the water.

Prefer your holidays a little more relaxing? Or maybe you’ve got younger family members along for the ride? We’ve got you covered, too. Our Scottish sailing holidays are ideal for exploring the beautiful coastline, with anchorages and marinas along the way for your comfort. Picturesque islands, historic castles, quaint fishing villages, whisky distilleries – you’ll sail through it all, with the imposing mountain scenery as your backdrop the whole way.

Of course, you don’t have to join one of our pre-planned adventures; we would love to hear your ideas, too. You can book our boat privately and create the sailing adventure of your dreams. Simply get in touch, and we’ll make it happen.


Everything taken care of

A holiday is all about leaving the pressures of daily life behind, and it doesn’t get much further from daily life than a few days on a yacht. On a sailing holiday, your experienced skipper will oversee managing the boat, and in some cases the cooking and hosting is all taken care of as well, leaving you nothing to do but immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes.

When you charter Somerled and voyage with us, you can decide how involved you’d like to be in sailing the yacht, giving each person the opportunity to get some seafaring experience or sit back and let the professionals handle the difficult stuff. It’s up to you.


Adventure sailing holidays with Yachting Scotland

We’re a family of Scottish sailors who have always loved the water, and now, our passion is sharing our waterborne adventures with others. Come on board with us for the holiday of a lifetime; you can view our calendar to see all of our upcoming cruises, or get in touch to discuss a private charter just for you.