Round The Top

Set sail with us as we endeavour to sail around the top of Scotland, aiming as far north as Shetland. This is our longest trip in the calendar, a once in a lifetime cruise that is set to be challenging, exciting, fun and filled with breath taking seascapes and wildlife.

Departing from Oban on the west coast we will take the best course north, using the Isles and north west sea lochs as refuge points before taking the leap round the top. Once north of Cape Wrath we will aim for Orkney and then for Shetland. Around here is where the tides take charge as the Atlantic and North Sea collide. Timing and a weather window is key.

On the return passage, there may be an opportunity to sail down the east coast and back through the Caledonian Canal. Either way, we expect to sail well over 750NM.

This is a team effort. We will spend a lot of time at sea, working in watch rotations, sailing at night, and at times, we will be out of sight of land.

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The Route

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