St Kilda 7 day

Sailing to the breath-taking World Heritage site of St. Kilda is a once in a lifetime achievement. You can sense you are getting near St. Kilda long before you see it as more and more rare seabirds fill the sky, feeding on the rich sea life of the North Atlantic. Once you arrive there’s a chance to step ashore and explore. On Hirta, the largest of the islands home to Village Bay, it has been confirmed to have been inhabited for over 2,000 years and signs of settlement from the 4th Millennium BC.

St. Kilda was evacuated in the 1930’s. The last islander died in 2016.

Not only is the weather a challenge but even navigating by compass isn’t full proof here, magnetic anomalies exist all around St. Kilda. Many sailors try year after year before getting the right weather window that suits their skillset. With a fast, seaworthy vessel and experienced, knowledgeable skipper it greatly increases the chance of making it in the typically Scottish weather and North Atlantic swell.

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